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Silver Sirens
Redefining Ageing 2023

Donate Directly to the Older Women's Network (NSW)

100% of your purchase of goes to our 2023 charity partner, Older Women's Network (OWN) NSW, and enter you into the drawing for the lucky door prize. Each ticket you purchase increases your chances to win!




OWN NSW demands that older women, along with other vulnerable groups in our society, are guaranteed safe, secure, affordable and suitable housing as a basic human right.


OWN advocates for prevention and intervention strategies that take a person-centric approach to understand both systemic and direct risk factors and we propose that a more holistic housing system be designed to highlight people’s well-being and social inclusion as a sustainable vision.


Silver Sirens has proudly been collaborating with OWN NSW since 2020.

About Our 2023 Charity Partner

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