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Unclassified Woman #58: Conversation with Faith Agugu

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that could show you the future? Often the decisions we make today might be different if we knew what was around the bend for us. Finding real peace, though, means coming to terms with the past, including the decisions we’ve made and the way those circumstances have grown us into who we’ve become today.

Faith bares it all to share her story and how it didn’t quite turn out like she had expected. In spite of it all, she is thankful for the path she’s taken and the impact she can have on other women in the world.

The Moon In You: Conversation with Faith Agugu

I imagine menopause is a long way off for you my dear listener, yet I have a strong desire to prepare you for the journey ahead.

This conversation is rich with wise words from Faith Agugu who encourages you not to enter your midlife with wasted years of regret, but rather use your 20's and 30's to gather your stories,  your legacy, that will lead you to a fantastic brave new world of midlife and beyond.

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Wise Woman Conversations with

Faith Agugu

In this week's episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Faith Agugu who is the creator of a fantastic event for mid-life women called Silver Sirens. Faith invited me along to her last event and it was fantastic to see such a great line up of women who are in mid-life sharing their stories and wisdom.


Faith has a special interest in the mental health in African and Australian aboriginal communities and in this conversation we also touch on a very important topic and Faith shares how she got involved with an organisation called GMAR (Grandmothers Against Removals). The removal of children from aboriginal families and communities is something that needs to be changed. Even if it is deemed that it is unsafe for a child to stay with their family, the first option should be to find someone else in the community to look after this child and this is not happening. As a racial wellness coach this topic is very close to Faith's heart.

Executive Coach and Specialist in gender communication, Tracey Ward

Welcome to Silver Sirens Podcast Tracey Ward. Tracey is the founder and creator of “OMG – I forgot about me”.


“OMG – I forgot about me” is an online program specifically designed for women over 40 helping them to create more time, set boundaries, inviting the right people in, and lose that negative inner chatter, allowing women to be the best and happiest version of themselves.

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Andreea Kindryd in Conversations with

Faith Agugu

Andreea Kindryd Andreea is a AAA, an African-American Australian storyteller, who’s lived in Australia for most of her life.


She was a crew member on the original Star Trek series, a hippie, an Indigenous rights campaigner, a one-time associate of both Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, and the subject of an investigation by the FBI.

Andreea celebrated her 80th birthday this year and has no plans to retire.

Anjani Amriit, entrepreneur, visionary and Change agent!

Welcome to Silver Sirens Guide to Living Agelessly. My name is Faith Agugu and I am the founder of Silver Sirens.


I am so excited to introduce our guest for this episode, Anjani Amriit.


Anjani was one of the speakers at the Re-defining Ageing event in November 2018. In fact, Anjani as I know her, is a dear friend and one of the first people I shared my vision for Silver Sirens with.

Anjani is a Soul Purpose Master. She is genius at supporting heart-based business owners, light workers and executives, to claim their personal power and align with their fullest potential, to manifest their greatest purpose into their lives and businesses for radical freedom, success, and abundance.


She pursues change and transformation, new learning and wisdom with avid enthusiasm. She is a seeker in the highest sense of the word.

She is well travelled, well read and honed in the principles of life and how to live it successfully with great meaning and purpose. To work with Anjani Amriit go to her website:

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Psychotherapist and Executive Coach Gail Pemberton shares her views on midlife crisis.

"Gail Pemberton is an acknowledged psychotherapist (M.Couns.Grad.Dip. MCAPA PACFA (Reg) and expert in relationship development. With a successful private practice in Sydney, Australia she has assisted hundreds of people harness their full potential by helping them better understand and master their unconscious minds. Educating them to their own power and triggers has in turn helped them transform their relationships both personally and professionally.

Silver Sirens Guide to Living Agelessly with Robyn Chuter

Silver Sirens Guide to Living Agelessly with Robyn Chuter, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner at Empower Total Health. In this episode Robyn answers questions women posed on the Silver Sirens Facebook page.

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