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About the app:

Health & Her Menopause App empowers you through your menopause journey by helping you build positive lifestyle habits that put you back in control.

We know that small daily changes can lead to long-lasting results, so we’ve created the first personal trainer for your menopause with a selection of evidence-based exercises and tools to support you with your symptoms.

Our symptom toolkit includes: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) exercises for hot flushes, night sweats and low mood, Guided Imagery Meditation for better sleep, Pelvic Floor Training for sensitive bladders, Deep Breathing for stress & anxiety, and more.

All of our exercises are guided and can be effortlessly scheduled into a tailored plan with supportive daily reminders to keep you on track and committed towards positive behavioural change.

With the Health & Her Menopause App you also gain free access to a library of expert content tailored to the changes you’re experiencing. Complete daily symptom assessments to discover where you are in your menopause journey and get personalised insight into how your symptoms can be improved. Learn more about your body, mind, and hormones, and discover top tips to achieve long-lasting relief. From gynaecologists and psychologists, to sleep experts and career coaches - our panel includes some of the UK’s top menopause experts.

As a menopause health tracker with dedicated period tracking, the Health & Her Menopause App is also an ideal support for women experiencing perimenopause-related cycle changes.

Health & Her Menopause App includes:

  • Evidence-based Exercises

  • Custom Plan & Reminders 

  • HRT Sympton & Cycle Tracking

  • Smart Insights

  • Personalised Expert Advice & Recommended Products