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Ageism Awareness

"Some people believe that Ageism is the most accepted form of discrimination. I believe that Ageism is a great leveler.

Your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status will not protect you from it"

Faith Agugu

Ageism can manifest in many ways, such as stereotypes, exclusion, or unequal treatment. As a community, Silver Sirens is passionate about reducing the negative impact of Ageism on women and you can stand against Ageism by doing the following ways:

1. Educate yourself: Learn about ageism, its impact, and the stereotypes associated with different age groups. Understand that age does not define a person's abilities, skills, or worth.

2. Challenge your own biases: Reflect on any ageist beliefs or assumptions you may hold. Recognise that ageism can affect people of all ages, and challenge yourself to treat people based on their character rather than their age.

3. Internalised Ageism: Telling someone that they look good or young for their age is an example of internalised ageism as it is the assumption that young is better, therefore, we should be honoured if we appear younger than our actual age.

4. Speak up: If you witness ageism, whether it's in conversations, media, or workplace practices, speak up against it. Share your concerns, challenge stereotypes, and advocate for fair treatment and equal opportunities for people of all ages.

5. Support older people: Show respect and appreciation for older adults in your personal and professional life. Recognise their contributions, seek their wisdom, and include them in decision-making processes. Encourage intergenerational connections that promote a sense of community.

6. Advocate for policy changes: Support organisations such as The Older Women's Network and initiatives that aim to combat ageism and promote age-friendly policies. Write to your elected representatives, participate in campaigns, and raise awareness about the importance of addressing ageism at a systemic level.

7. Promote diversity and inclusion: Encourage workplaces, educational institutions, and community organisations to adopt inclusive practices that value people of all ages. Advocate for age diversity in hiring processes and challenge age-related stereotypes in media and advertising.

8. Lead by example: Be mindful of your own language and behaviour, ensuring that you treat people of all ages with respect and dignity. Cultivate an inclusive environment where age is not a barrier to participation or success.

Standing up against ageism is an ongoing effort that requires all of us to take action. Remember that people of all ages can experience ageism.

Most of all, watch your internal dialogue about your own ageist attitude. Be aware of your limiting beliefs about what you can and cannot do as you age as well as opportunities are available to you. Stop using negative statements about older people and yourself.

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