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Imagine ageing as something you walk towards and embrace

Why Redefining Ageing?

  • At this unique time in history, women have the power to create the kind of world they want for themselves - and for generations of women to come. 


  • Having had to sacrifice dreams in their 20s, 30s and 40s, women are now ready to explore new territories, navigating risks and opportunities for success. 


  • Women can choose to successfully redirect creativity from raising children to birthing projects that impact and contribute to their community and culture. 


  • Current models of leadership, power and authority are disintegrating making way for new paradigms. 


  • Globally, the crumbling of the old structures are making way for female life perspectives to be included in narratives across all areas of life. 

  • There is a growing need to challenge the current negative narrative on women. 

  • As we continue to dismantle the system of patriarchy, women must join forces and stop policing each other in ways that support this system. Ageing amongst women must stop! 

  • In 2020, according to UN Women, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored society’s reliance on women both on the front line and at home, and simultaneously exposed structural inequalities across every sphere, from health, the economy, security and social protection. 


  • Women over 55 are the fastest growing group of homeless Australians, between 2011-2016 increasing by 31%. 


  • There are no blueprints or roadmaps for the global shift in consciousness around gender, culture and sexuality that is taking place. 


  • All over the world, women are now more in control of decisions that directly impact their lives and finances than ever before. 


  • We have the unique opportunity to define what happiness means to us. 


  • There are more opportunities for women to enter new careers, start new businesses or pursue lifelong dreams. 


  • We are re-defining what it means to be a woman today. 

  • Women are poised to navigate the environmental and economic imperatives of a post-COVID world and beyond.

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Who are

Silver Sirens?

  • We are women 50+. 

  • We are undergoing major life changes and making challenging life choices to create the life we want to live. 

  • Some of us are choosing more autonomy to fulfil our potential beyond the traditional roles of wives, mothers and grandmothers. 

  • Others have independent children, giving them more time to focus on exploring their own dreams and desires. 

  • Many of us are choosing to remain single and live alone. 

  • What we have in common is the desire to explore our agency and the opportunity to fulfil our full potential. 

  • Our priority used to be taking care of others, now we seek to focus on our  own development and potential.

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Silver Sirens is an inclusive community that welcomes women of all races, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and gender identity.

Silver Sirens has zero-tolerance of belittling, judging, and shaming behaviours amongst women.

Silver Sirens acknowledges all women who identify as mothers including women who have not experienced childbirth.

Silver Sirens supports women to engage in a healthy lifestyle that brings out the best in her mind, body and soul.

Silver Sirens seeks to embolden women to embrace the ageing process.

Silver Sirens strives to transform the negative stigma associated with women and ageing.

Silver Sirens acknowledges that motherhood is an individual journey and discourages comparing and competitive behaviours.

Silver Sirens supports the wellbeing of young women and acknowledges their role as mentors and positive role models for the next generation of women.

Silver Sirens has no opinion on a woman's decision to engage in cosmetic or medical procedures.

Silver Sirens accepts that women over 40 are not homogeneous and encourages individual self-expression.

Silver Sirens has zero tolerance of belittling, judging and shaming behaviours amongst women.

Silver Sirens acknowledges the growing number of women over 50 at risk of homelessness and seeks to align with individuals and organisations working to reduce this trend.

Silver Sirens discourages the judgment of a woman due to her age, weight, body shape, beauty, success or failures.

Silver Sirens champions social and environmental causes, shining a spotlight on disadvantaged members of our community including the continued struggle of our First Nations people for full recognition.

Silver Sirens seeks to lead by example on environmental issues, making decisions and taking actions that reduce our carbon footprint at all events.

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Meet the visionary behind
Silver Sirens
-Faith Agugu

If you want to shift your inner dialogue about ageing, Faith Agugu is the woman to have in your corner. She has always had the instinct that she would get better with age, and she is hoping to inspire other women into the same mindset, hence Silver Sirens. In 2018 Faith launched the inaugural Silver Sirens event in Sydney. “We had some iconic Australian women who took the stage to speak about this potent and transformational period of our lives. Health, beauty, business, leadership and spirituality were all on the agenda on the day."



Our steering

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Charlotte Smith

Author, Fashion Anthropologist

As a Globe Trotting Fashion Anthropologist’ and author, Charlotte Smith travels the world (at the moment virtually) seeking out fashion’s history, inspiration, and sustainability. More...

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Anjani Amriit

Entrepreneur, Conscious Co-Creator, Soul Purpose Mentor

I am driven to constantly push the boundaries of my life, business and the people I work with, More...

Deb Petleung

Founder and Coach, Ageless Beyond 50

Deb empowers women beyond 50 with the knowledge, strategies and habits to ignite their potential and infinite wellness, meaning and purpose.

Kirsty Simmonds

Kirsty Simmonds Consulting

Kirsty runs her own business developing ‘good business’ impact strategies with organisations, and works with them to build their reputations. More...

Kathryn Toohey

Global Woman Creator & Curator

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to decide to change herself to fit the world or change the world itself. I was that woman. More...

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