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Imagine ageing as something you walk towards
and embrace

Why Redefining Ageing?

Why Redefining Ageing
  • At this unique time in history, women have the power to create the kind of world they want for themselves - and for generations of women to come. 


  • Having had to sacrifice dreams in their 20s, 30s and 40s, women are now ready to explore new territories, navigating risks and opportunities for success. 


  • Women can choose to successfully redirect creativity from raising children to birthing projects that impact and contribute to their community and culture. 


  • Current models of leadership, power and authority are disintegrating making way for new paradigms. 


  • Globally, the crumbling of the old structures are making way for female life perspectives to be included in narratives across all areas of life. 

  • There is a growing need to challenge the current negative narrative on women. 

  • As we continue to dismantle the system of patriarchy, women must join forces and stop policing each other in ways that support this system. Ageism amongst women must stop! 

  • We are striving to eradicate the societal belief that women over 50 fade to invisibility

  • Menopause is no longer a shameful, taboo subject, but a doorway to the next phase of our lives; and should be celebrated

  • Women over 55 are the fastest growing group of homeless Australians, between 2011-2016 increasing by 31%. 


  • There are no blueprints or roadmaps for the global shift in consciousness around gender, culture and sexuality that is taking place. 


  • All over the world, women are now more in control of decisions that directly impact their lives and finances than ever before. 


  • We have the unique opportunity to define what happiness means to us. 


  • There are more opportunities for women to enter new careers, start new businesses or pursue lifelong dreams. 


  • We are re-defining what it means to be a woman today. 

  • It is NEVER TOO LATE for women to start a new relationship, career, or follow their dreams.

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Who are

Silver Sirens?

  • We are women 50+. 

  • We are undergoing major life changes and making challenging life choices to create the life we want to live. 

  • Some of us are choosing more autonomy to fulfil our potential beyond the traditional roles of wives, mothers and grandmothers. 

  • Others have independent children, giving them more time to focus on exploring their own dreams and desires. 

  • Many of us are choosing to remain single and live alone. 

  • What we have in common is the desire to explore our agency and the opportunity to fulfil our full potential. 

  • Our priority used to be taking care of others, now we seek to focus on our  own development and potential.

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Guiding Principles
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Silver Sirens is an inclusive community that welcomes women of all races, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and gender identity.

Silver Sirens seeks to embolden women to embrace the ageing process and we strives
to transform the negative stigma associated with women and ageing.

Silver Sirens has zero tolerance of belittling, judging, and shaming behaviours amongst
women and we discourage the judgment of a woman due to her age, weight, body
shape, beauty, success, or failures.

Silver Sirens supports women to engage in a healthy lifestyle that brings out the best in
her mind, body, and soul. We have no opinion on a woman's decision to engage in
cosmetic or medical procedures.

Silver Sirens accepts that women 50+ are not homogeneous and encourages individual

We acknowledge all women who identify as mothers including women who have not
experienced childbirth; and that motherhood is an individual journey and discourages
comparing and competitive behaviours.

Silver Sirens supports the wellbeing of young women and acknowledges their role as
mentors and positive role models for the next generation of women. We also respect and
acknowledge the lived experience of our elders as valuable members of society with a
wealth of knowledge and wisdom to contribute.

We champion social and environmental causes, shining a spotlight on disadvantaged
members of our community including the continued struggle of our First Nations people
for full recognition.

Silver Sirens acknowledges the growing number of women over 50 at risk of
homelessness and seeks to align with individuals and organisations working to reduce
this trend.

We seek to lead by example on environmental issues, making decisions and taking
actions that reduce our carbon footprint at all events.

Silver Sirens commit to speaking out against ageism and work toward a society where women of all ages are respected and valued for their contributions and wisdom.

Silver Sirens stand united against the pervasive impact of loneliness, championing a society where all women feel seen, heard and embraced.

Meet the Sirens

Meet the visionary behind
Silver Sirens
-Faith Agugu

If you want to shift your inner dialogue about ageing, Faith Agugu is the woman to have in your corner. She has always had the instinct that she would get better with age, and she is hoping to inspire other women into the same mindset, hence Silver Sirens. In 2018 Faith launched the inaugural Silver Sirens event in Sydney. “We had some iconic Australian women who took the stage to speak about this potent and transformational period of our lives. Health, beauty, business, leadership and spirituality were all on the agenda on the day."

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As midlife women, we have the power to create the kind of world we want, and the one we want to pass on to future generations of women.

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Our steering


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Meg Cleary

Life & Health Coach

It’s not what you’re doing; or how often you’re doing it. It’s how you’re thinking about it and  how you’re speaking to yourself. I’ve learnt that no-one ever beats themselves into wellbeing. For a very long time (I’m talking decades) I judged myself for not sticking to my latest health regime. I was all in or all out. I added another layer of pressure by reminding myself I was a health professional, I should be able to do this. Even when I did stick to the routine – I’d decide I should’ve gone harder. I’d repeatedly hear myself say – “It’s too hard to be good all the time” or “Oh well I’ve blow it now, might as well finish off the mint slices.” I’d remind myself “I’m so hopeless, I can’t stick to anything.” I started questioning it all.bIs what I’m doing the ONLY way? How do people that maintain their routine do it? I found out there’s another option, that felt calmer and kinder. Coaching opened my eyes to thinking a different way. I started listening for and questioning all my judgey thoughts. I learnt how to catch those thoughts and replace them with more helpful, more realistic ways of thinking. I’d known this intellectually but had no idea how to apply it. Coaching brought it all together. I’ve been doing yoga consistently for 5 years. I’m not an instructor, I don’t do instagramable poses. I’m doing it because my body loves it and because I dropped the rules about how often, how long and how perfect it had to be. I maintain my weight by not beating myself up when I over eat. I drink significantly less because I’ve learnt how to manage my judgey thoughts. I see amazing leaps forward in my client’s wellbeing when they focus on dropping the pressure rather than dropping the weight. You can create a lifestyle that’s enjoyable and suits you. This is the difference. You live your life. You don’t drag yourself through it.

Anjanii Amriit SS 2021 Profile.jpg

Anjani Amriit

Entrepreneur, Conscious Co-Creator, Soul Purpose Mentor

I am driven to constantly push the boundaries of my life, business and the people I work with to awaken the untapped potential that is within each of us for the greater good I have an adventurous spirit and am driven by a need to do good in the world. To be a positive influencer in life. To bring a compassionate heart to everything I do and with everyone I work with. If you know you came here to play a bigger game and you are ready to invest in getting your purpose on, then we are destined to work together.

Kirsty Simmonds.jpg

Kirsty Simmonds

Kirsty Simmonds Consulting

Kirsty runs her own business developing ‘good business’ impact strategies with organisations, and works with them to build their reputations. Her specialisations are a curious mix of finance, fashion and early education. Also a trained B Consultant, she shares the B Lab Global philosophy that businesses can be a great “force for good". Kirsty observes that some of the biggest levers of great social change are how money is used, and ensuring fair opportunities for those who often don’t have access to those levers, especially women and children. Hence her focus. Before going out on her own, Kirsty worked in ad agencies and then for financial services corporates in the UK, USA and Australia. She has worked on the sponsors’ side for the Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games. An athlete in her distant past, she says if she couldn’t be running in an Olympics she wanted to be part of running one. Outside of work Kirsty volunteers for not-for-profits that support women in need, and services for foster children and young people. An advocate for better not older, Kirsty will be involved in bringing a mix of ages to this year's event to share ideas and support each other.

Sandy Davis.jpeg

Sandy Davies

Menopause Advocate and Founder, Happy Pause

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to decide to change herself to fit the world or change the world itself. I was that woman. I’m Sandy, the creator of HappyPause, I would like to tell you about us. Bringing our story of HappyPause Menopause Balm to you brings me immense joy.  HappyPause is not about making menopause disappear, it is about easing vaginal dryness to help us get our groove back.  My hope is that HappyPause proves beneficial to you, too. I never realised how significantly trouble in our never discussed nether regions could impact our self-confidence & ability to take on the world until I had a horrific allergic reaction to a chemically laden vaginal dryness treatment. Vaginal atrophication and vaginal dryness are a real thing for millions of us as we navigate menopause and our post-menopausal years.  And we often don’t want to speak about it. Sometimes the discomfort can be a mild irritating feeling when your skin rubs together; other times it can feel like sand paper grating.  You might only feel occasional discomfort at the start of intercourse or battle recurring UTIs.  Vaginal dryness impacts each of us in different ways. For me, my first awareness was during peri-menopause when suddenly even 100% organic cotton tampons caused discomfort that wouldn’t abate. ​Numbing vaginal itch wipes mask the problem, but when the treatment wears off itching returns with a vengeance even more severe due to skin irritation heightened by harsh ingredients.  And we all know that once we give in and scratch, no matter how good it feels at the start, the vicious cycle of infection begins. I was prescribed a moisturizing pessary insert.  Holy dooley~ my intimates exploded with rage.  And the worst was it took days to fully dissolve. Other treatments felt gross and sticky, which made me feel undesirable & irritable. I knew there had to be a more natural solution out there for those of us with sensitive skin even if I couldn’t find it on the shelves of the local pharmacy. Two years down the track, HappyPause is the result.  It is gentle and eases discomfort.  The blend of the really good stuff, ie ethically sourced Direct Micro Expelled hand pressed coconut oil, with additional plant derived natural ingredients to seal in moisture mean your intimates are soothed with no preservatives or nasties. HappyPause has a lasting effect with no icky residue.  For me personally, I feel sexy again & back to my happy self.  And that happy self is the self we all want to embrace the most during menopause and beyond.  Finding a solution to ease the intimate itch that tagged along with menopause was the break I needed to confidently shout “I’ve got this!” to the rest of my menopausal woes. Menopause is different for each of us.  I hope HappyPause provides you relief from vaginal dryness and becomes an integral component of how you manage your own menopause journey and the years beyond. Happy Vibes from the creator of HappyPause.

Deb Petleung.jpg

Deb Petleung

Founder and Coach, Ageless Beyond 50

Deb empowers women beyond 50 with the knowledge, strategies and habits to ignite their potential and infinite wellness, meaning and purpose.


Natalie Yan-Chatonsky

Author, Founder & CEO, Full Time Lives

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky is an Asian Australian who is creating positive social change for midlife and older women. She’s the founder and CEO of Full Time Lives and author of The Art of Full Time Living. I’m Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, a women’s midlife specialist. I help midlife women transition to the next stage of their 100-year life. ​ I started Full Time Lives as a purposeful side hustle after my mum shared her concerns about how her life would change dramatically once my dad retired. As the adage goes, she’d “married him for life, but not for lunch…” At the time, I was an innovation manager in financial services and had interviewed people — mostly women — who had revealed a fear of change in their midlife. But my mum’s fears made me want to go deeper. I interviewed hundreds of men and women at various stages of their lives and careers. I travelled to regional communities, including Blue Zones (where people lead longer, happier lives) to find out what contributes to positive aging. I’ve seen first-hand how having a sense of purpose, social connections and community lead to a ‘good life’ and aging well. In my interviews and workshops with hundreds of women, I’ve learned more about their experiences. Some made relatively smooth transitions from their midlife stage to the next, but I’ve also taken copious notes of their regrets with the benefit of hindsight.  I kept hearing recurring themes of how they overcame their fears of feeling irrelevant and losing their purpose as their adult children no longer needed them as much, and then reinvented themselves. Many wise and inspiring women I spoke to wished someone had told them what they know now. So I turned Full Time Lives from a side hustle to a business to share the insights I’ve gained from my research and help other midlife women live more meaningful and connected lives. What started as a quest to get some answers for my parents on the cusp of ‘retirement’ has led me on my midlife transition to fulfil my sense of purpose and connection by founding Full Time Lives. Are you ready to kickstart your meaningful and connected life?

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Silver Sirens Redefining Ageing 2024 - Adelaide, South Australia
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