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Silver Sirens 2018

Silver Sirens celebrates the rise and rise of culture’s fascinating 45+ female demographic.


As massive cultural shifts occur around the world a revolution is also taking place amongst everyday women. 50 isn’t the new anything else anymore. 50 is enough.


Silver Sirens is a growing annual Sydney-based gathering that explores and celebrates this extraordinary ‘sweet spot’ period in womens’ lives, when they have put in the years that build wealth, financial stability, and life wisdom, are no longer consumed with raising kids, chasing careers or studying - yet still have energy to burn. As each new wave of contemporary women reaches middle age, they rewrite the blueprint of how we see ageing. The truth is that 50+ women are becoming freer, more financially independent, visible and expressed than at any time in history.

The Silver Sirens event re-inspired, re-empowered and re-defined what it means to be a woman - particularly a woman over forty - and how we can draw on our personal strength to effect change within our homes, communities and culture. 

Meet the 2018 Speakers

Joanne Fedler

The Statement


How to harness the power of your own story beyond the cultural narratives and myths we’ve inherited to share your wisdom and leave a legacy.

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Lily Meszaros 

Celebrating Ageing:

An African Cultural Perspective


In African cultures, elders are viewed with respect and reverence. Originally from Rwanda, Lily will share her culture's refreshing perspective on ageing.

Cynthia Sciberras

Co-Creation - What Will We Become?


A therapeutic approach to Sacred Activism.

More and more, we are living in a world of universal Attention Deficit Disorder within a histrionic dizziness, searching for meaningful connections and eager to find ways to make positive social change in the world through wisdom, unity and creative sacred activism.

Andreea Kindryd.jpg

Andreea Kindryd



My mother had rules for living and I did my best not to honour them...

Til she was gone and I realised that maybe my interpretation was too narrow and maybe I needed to re-evaluate them.

Join me for a quick flick through and a new view of: Never let them see you cry. The worse you feel the better you must look. You can't have hair too straight. Never forget, always get revenge. Love.

Anjani Amriit

Finding Purpose and Legacy in a Child-Free Life. 



The fourth 'Wise Elder' stage of a woman's life is a time to honour the natural shift of priorities from an outward focus on career and family, to an inward focus on satisfying her soul purpose and inner transformation.


Approaching this stage of life, many career women without children can experience a deep yearning to give birth, with their only societal reference being to 'children'. Anjani will be dispelling many modern myths that lead women to dishonour their soul's yearning to give birth to their legacy, and will share feminine rites of passage that prepare for the birth of your soul's purpose during this life stage. 

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Andrea Ferrari_edited.jpg

Andrea Ferrari

Living My Life by Nurturing Self-Belief


I’m approaching 60 and feeling healthier, happier and fitter than ever, having raised two children as a single mum, starting my own magazine business in the UK, emigrating to Australia with my children and starting my own publishing business again, this time in a totally new market, living by nurturing self-belief, never giving in to limiting thoughts and approaching everything with a sweet heart. 

Robyn Chuter

Proven Strategies to Restore Hormone Imbalance

Age-related changes in a woman’s gut microbiome affect weight, body composition, mood, cognitive function and risk of diabetes, heart disease and several types of cancer – but Robyn will share simple, proven strategies to restore balance to your bugs, and get them working for you, not against you.

SS 2019 Robyn Chuter
Annie Lewis.png

Annie Lewis

How MLM Can Help Women Create Financial Independence in Their 3rd Chapter!


It’s a sobering statistic that half of all women in Australia in the age bracket of 55-59 will retire with less than $50,000 in their super fund.  It’s an instinctual that women do without much thought given to their own financial future. Divorce often complicates the situation even further. 

The worry is if we don't address this situation by finding creative ways to create a passive income in our later years, more and more women are going to be living in poverty in retirement. Multi Level Marketing has been a saviour to many women in this predicament. As someone who has been in the industry for over 35 years, often as the sole income earner, I feel an obligation to educate women about MLM, and how when approached professionally, it can be the answer to their financial prayers.

Beáta Alföldi

 Who Are You When Everything You Have Identified With Falls Away?



In the darkness, when the ego is completely shattered, we finally begin to see the truth of the power we hold. Where does our heart break and what are we here to do?

After Beata's talk, she will guide us through a ceremony to honour these important rites of passage in our lives. Ceremonies connect the material world to the world of Spirit. They mark important passages in our lives where we have the opportunity to honour potent transitions with reverence, intention and a sense of completion. 

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