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After 6 events in Sydney, Silver Sirens brings our signature Redefining Ageing event to Perth. Join us!!

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Historic Ballroom, Pagoda Resort & Spa,
112 Melville Parade, Como WA 6152, Australia
Event Details

Saturday 23rd March, 2024
9.30am to 1pm

Redefining Ageing Perth 2024 - Never Too Late 

As a mental health professional, Faith has heard the barriers that hold us back first-hand. 

“I never followed my calling”. “I've always wanted to pursue higher education", "I feel too old to learn a new sport”. “I’m unhappily married but leaving is way too scary.” “It's too late for me to find my birth parents.”  

Miraculously, the third phase of life can be a remarkable and liberating opportunity to REINVENT!!!
Join us at our inaugural Perth Redefining Ageing event that is at the forefront of reshaping the narrative that surrounds women and ageing.
This movement is about empowering you to take agency as you age on your terms.
If you're still unsure what that looks like for you, don't despair, you will find role models and mentors in our community and at the Redefining Ageing event.
You will find lifelong friends who were also looking for you. You will find the warmth, camaraderie and sisterhood you crave.

Every session was superb and this year’s theme struck a chord with me because of my point in life. What an amazing group of inspirational speakers sharing their stories and wisdom. The speakers are redefining what courage looks like for me as I embrace my 60s and the power and freedom I have. After the conference, I had a renewed vigor and hope that I really could do anything I set my mind to". 2023 attendee


Connection, community, collaboration and a bold future await you at The Pagoda Spa & Resort this March.
See you there!

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Your ticket includes 6 speakers, a spectacular entertainer, and a lush gift bag, filled with premium beauty and lifestyle products from our 2024 satellite event partners.


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2024 Topics


For one powerful morning, our Silver Sirens leaders will explore the pillars of enhanced living.

Career, Business & Passion

​It's never too late to change our careers, start a new business or find our heart's calling.

The Elders

​It's never too late to do anything.

Trailblazers &

Change Makers

It's never too late to impact your community, society, or the world.

Family & Relationships

It's never too late to find love, have a family, or find your family. 


Come join our role models and speakers who will include: 

2024 Speakers



I am 4th eldest in a family of 8 children, my mother’s families are Yarran/Bolten, Bennell/Garlett, my fathers areHumphries/Winmar, Turvey.

I am a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 9, with 2

great-grandchild, 2 sons-in-laws and a daughter-in-law.

My early childhood was mainly spent in camps on the outskirts of town, between Kellerberrin and Tamin in the Eastern Wheatbelt (Balladong Country). My family moved around a lot following work

which sometimes came with a proper house to live in. I went to multiple schools often returning to the same school where my mother’s family lived this was a time of great reunions with my cousins.

I finished year 10 high and have a Trade Certificate in Ladies Hairdressing then went on to Management of my own business, I trained hairdressing apprentices in the workplace as defined

under the appropriate industrial rules.

I have worked in other areas before joining the Education Department and Training where I worked in schools as an AIEO, then District Offices as ALO and CAE supporting schools, Aboriginal workers, students and families in the education district I was working in.


My later years of employment were spent working across GNO’s. I have presented training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness many times and have used my cultural knowledge skills and language to build successful partnerships with schools and NGO’s by sharing and integrating cultural safety strategies to encourage self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People in the workplace and raise awareness for all Australians.

The Elders

​It's never too late to do anything.



Jennie Cox has had a passion for knowledge her whole life. Starting her nursing training at Fremantle Hospital in 1958, Jennie was the first woman to return to work after marrying. She only gave up work after the birth of the first of her three children, but returned once they were all in Primary School.

She returned to study at 48 to complete her Undergraduate Degree in Applied Science through Edith Cowan University. She and her three children were all at University at the same time! Jennie completed a few units of her master’s degree, but did not complete it at that time.

Finances were not always easy, but Jennie negotiated them by successfully applying for scholarships, and at one stage became a union representative, because they agreed to support her studies.

Jennie went on to study some more Nursing units before moving to Shoalwater and commenced work at Armadale Hospital, where she set up a Continence Clinic.

Moving back to her roots at Fremantle Hospital, she joined the Department of Geriatric Medicine, where she helped to set up a program to keep older people in their own homes as an alternative to going into Aged Care Facilities. With the help of some great Medical Geriatricians, and some great support from the community, the program was a huge success.

Jennie retired ‘at about 70’ and joined U3A (University of the Third Age). She fought long and hard to introduce a liaison between U3A and Murdoch Campus at Rockingham, resulting in U3A students being able to sit in on lectures at Murdoch.

Jennie graduated an Undergraduate degree in Australian Indigenous Studies at 80, and is now enrolled in a master’s degree.

Jennie Cox.heic