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Celebrating Motherhood in all its forms - part 2

"Embracing motherhood later in life offers a unique perspective, blending the wisdom of experience with the joys of nurturing a new generation."




A week before my 45th birthday, I found myself on my partner's balcony, discussing our recent visit to an IVF clinic. At that moment, I decided to give up my dream of becoming a mother. Overwhelmed with emotion, I broke down in tears as I faced the realisation that motherhood was no longer within my reach.


Contemplating the idea that even if I were fortunate enough to conceive at 45, I would be 60 by the time my child became a teenager, I recognised that I lacked the energy and patience necessary to be an older mother. While I admire and acknowledge women who embrace motherhood later in life, I understood it wasn't the right path for me.


Reflecting on my experience, I am reminded of Carolyn Ness, our Sydney Redefining Ageing event speaker, who gave birth to her first child at 62. Her courage and determination to pursue her dream inspire me, demonstrating that successful pregnancies can occur later in life.


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