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Growing older and loving it (mostly)

As a child, I always loved my birthdays, as it meant my family would come together for a party. In my thirties, my birthday became somewhat less about me and more about having to clean the house because the extended family were coming over, and we had to try to make room for them all. In my forties, I tended to try and hide from my birthday, because I felt that if I didn’t acknowledge it, it somehow made me ageless.


Something changed when I was in my fifties, and I started to realise that having another birthday is a privilege, and one that I am exceptionally grateful for. So now, in my 60s, I have come full circle, and look forward to celebrating my birthday each year.


My friend Julianne (whose birthday, coincidently, is the same day as Faith's) sets herself challenges each year for her birthday. She has achieved ’50 things I will do before I turn 50’ and ’60 things to do before I turn 60’ and they have included things like jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes and learning to swing dance. I can’t wait to see what challenges she comes up with in a few years when she turns 70. She has mentioned, more than once, that she is booking us both in for Pole Dancing classes. I just hope the creaking of my body does not drown out the music.


In honour of Julianne’s tradition, I have come up with a few things we could all do on our birthdays, to celebrate each and every milestone.


1.     Throw a theme party and invite your friends, family and loved ones to celebrate another year of 'You'.

2.     Treat yourself to a birthday getaway, somewhere a little outside your comfort zone.

3.     Pay it forward by organising a charity event or fundraiser, supporting a cause that holds special meaning to you.

4.     Treat yourself to a pamper session at a spa, or even better have a girl’s night in and have a pamper party. (You deserve it!)

5.     Write a letter to your future self, setting your intentions for the coming year, or expressing gratitude for the amazing life you have.


I am sure you could come up with a few things you would like to try, and what better excuse than your birthday? Pole dancing, anyone?


Jody Webster



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