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The Joy of Celebrating Every Passing Year

I was so excited to celebrate my 58th birthday with my UK-based family and friends.

I have close friends who've never had a birthday party because they don't want anyone to know their age. This used to surprise me and make me sad, but age has mellowed out my self-righteousness and judgment.

Being my birthday week I’ve been thinking about how our attitude to birthdays often changes as we get older. The reasons for this are no surprise to our community as many women are fearful of birthdays because of the feeling of being ‘older’.

A study commissioned by Interflora found on average people stop celebrating their own birthday at 37 and start lying about their age at the same time.

After examining the attitudes of 2,000 people from across the UK towards their own birthdays, the study found that:

  • 39% of people are choosing not to celebrate their birthday, and

  • 1 in 4 saying they’d rather not be reminded of growing a year older.

As strange as it may seem, I always knew that I would get better with age.

I was a model from the age of seventeen to thirty-six and I only stopped modeling because I started a business and could no longer attend castings. Although I was blessed with good genes, I was riddled with insecurities. In the years that I looked my best by society's standards, I was self-conscious and filled with self-doubt.

What kept me going was that even back then, I knew that I would get better with age. I intuitively knew that all of those negative, and sometimes debilitating beliefs and feelings would be replaced by something more empowering and that I would learn to inhabit my skin in a way that eluded me in my youth.

Not only do I love celebrating my own birthday, but I also love celebrating the birthdays of my loved ones. Given the chance, I am that friend, or family member that will organise the party, order the cake, and help you with your guest list.

12 years ago, I organised a surprise 50th birthday dinner for my brother. I also organised my other brother and sister's 50th birthdays.

17 years ago, I showed up for my mother's 70th and nearly gave her a heart attack as I jumped out in front of her as she blew out her birthday candles.

So, I thought I would share some of the reasons why I love celebrating birthdays.

7 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday

1. Because you are worth It

The day you were born is a special day, and one that should be acknowledged and celebrated. You are a big deal!

2. To celebrate your mother

My mother's is the first phone call I receive every year. Based in the UK, she sets her alarm and calls me at 6 am on my birthday. This ritual always makes me feel so special and reminds me of the power of women who can bring life. Every mother's life changes with the birth of a child.

3. Gratitude

Life itself is a gift! Getting older is a privilege and an honour – a time for gratitude and appreciation to be alive and (hopefully) healthy. Not everyone is so lucky.

4. Time of reflection and taking stock

Birthdays are a wonderful time to look back on your life and make plans for the year ahead. It's a perfect time to reset, adjust your mindset, shift your perspective, clarify your priorities, and set new goals for the year ahead.

5. Allow your loved ones to celebrate you!

It's not just about you! You are worthy, special and loved – let those around you pour into you. Remember the joy you get from giving to them, birthdays give your loved ones the opportunity to reciprocate.

6. A great time to connect

Birthday celebrations are wonderful times to appreciate all the beautiful people in your life and how blessed you are to have them. It may also be the one time of year you can get them all together in one place.

7. Guilt-free pleasure

Our lives are busy, fast-paced, and demanding so your birthday is an opportunity to put yourself first, relax, unwind and do whatever makes you feel good. Make the most of it!

(some of the items above are borrowed from Alexandra Schrodter's 8 Reasons Why You Should Always Celebrate Your Birthday)

With so many reasons to celebrate I can't wait to turn 60 in two years! I don't know why but I have a gut feeling that my 60s will be my best act to date!

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